Hello and welcome to The Moonlight Market!

Home of Kai the Moon Elf, Ace and Jack (The Skelly Boys) and many other magical charcters found all over the social media platforms!
The Moonlight Market was created during lockdown #4 in Victoria, in a small town named Ballarat. The world was facing some very dark times but within that grew the idea to make wholesome charcters to bring joy and entertainment to all those people stuggling. As the lockdowns finished, Kai, went out in search of somewhere that the market could be an actual place for people to visit. Now you can find The Moonlight Market to be well established within the walls of Kryal Castle, located just outside of Ballarat. On weekends, public holidays and every day of the Victorian School holidays, you can come and visit the market in person! Many wonderful charcters can be found there and Kai can be met there too!

Now here on the website, you can find Moonlight Merch and Magical Items for your enjoyment!