Q & A's

How do you make yourself glow?
I use a combination of UV reactive face paint and blacklight set up. 

What kind of face paint do you use?
I use FPA (Face Paints Australia) branded face paint.

What kind of face blacklight do you use?
I use a UV 40watt tube from a lighting specialist and it is in a housing unit from the local hardware store.

How do I use these paints?
All face and body paints advertised are water activated. A small amount is required to activate and ensure quality control of the paint application. Always patch test a small amount of face pint on your inner arm to test for any allergies BEFORE applying it to your face. 

What contact lenses do you use?
UV reactive contacts from Mesmereyez, 'Luna' item. 

What got you into makeup?
I saw the American contestant show 'Face Off' and was hooked on learning how to do Special Effects (SFX) makeup and kept surrounding myself with people who loved the same thing.